Thursday, February 23, 2006


Blowing Off Gas

I would like to have a bit off a moan about Centrica, the company that owns British Gas. Centrica made £1.5bn profit last year, an 11% rise. Gas prices went up 22% last week. I already have a gas bill that I can barely afford to pay. Now, to be fair, their profits from British Gas actually went down, due to higher prices, but still, could they not sort of divert money between different branches of their business so that I don't face that massive rise, given I'm already struggling?

Oh, and another thing. Please can they stop running adverts that say 'thousands of customers are coming back to British Gas', when in fact they have lost 3% share of customers last year?

I might not be doing too much cooking on the hob at this rate . . .

I think the line that 'thousands of customers are coming back' is meant to imply that customers are leaving because they are dissatisfied and returning because their rivals are no better. How is that a good advertisement? Is it good business strategy to drive up prices and give bad service, relying on other competitors weakness to keep you afloat?! Ridiculous!!

I've had loads of problems with Orange recently as has my bloke,(lack of signal, incorrect phone bills- they actually gave the blokes phone number to someone else- leaving his phone useless and out of action for two weeks!). But i am sad to say having cancelled my contract i will be returning because other companies packages cannot compete, but with regard to customer service orange are absolutely shocking!!

So much for consumer power... D'oh!
Pah! The returning customers will be accidental transfers involving pensioners and the like. Steve, for the love of God don't do anything silly, like let them install a powercard meter. Just make regular affordable payments and visit an advice centre for help.
Happy - That really is an excellent point:

'British Gas - we're shit, but not quite as shit as everyone else. Please join us!'

Clairwil - That's very sound advice.
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