Tuesday, February 07, 2006


And The Future Ruler Of Britain Is . . .

Hammond is a hazardous substance.

Behind the smile, the affable TV persona, and the 'weird celebrity crush' victory in 'Heat' magazine, lies a man who is slowly taking over the nation, one TV programme at a time.

Am I the only one to notice Mr Hammond's meteoric rise? From programmes about books for children and 'Brainiac', he's moved into the mainstream. First 'Top Gear', now this thing called 'Petrolheads', the signs were all there, but the clinching seal to the debate is that he has his own chat show these days.

He is slowly positioning himself to become a British Oprah, a gigantic cultural monolith - and once he has conquered the nations' television screens, he'll soon be in political power too. Remember folks, you heard it here first.

If I vanish in the next few days, you'll know what's happened to me . . .


I hate that little git. Almost makes one nostalgic for that obnoxious 'Man At C&A' cunt Clarkson.

Well excuse me!! I would like to defend the Hamster from this vicious attack which i'm sure is founded on pure jealousy!!

Awww he's so cute! I like him anyway! There is no need to attack a nice friendly bloke like Hammond when we have odious twats like:

Richard Madeley, Michael Barrymore, George Galloway, Pete Burns (see the theme?!), Matthew Wright(i'm a student...)and
Chris Evans (the list could go on!)
on the box or in the public eye!!

Stephen use your powers in blogland to get rid of these fuckers and kindly leave the hamster alone!!
Actually, I rather like the little fellow, and look forward to His future rule with a degree of enthusiasm.

Happy, what has Matthew Wright done to upset students? I seem to have missed that.

You're right, though, with some of those you list - it's been God knows how many years, have we not grown up beyond 'Richard & Judy' yet?
Nah, still annoys me when I think about him.
I don't think Matthew wright has done anything to offend students, i just assumed that i'm only aware of his insignificant existance on daytime channel 5 tv because im a layabout student! I know he used to work on the Mirror but who reads that these days?!! he he!

Also i can't stand Nicky Campbell- he is vile. Andi peters is really annoying too... the list continues...
He presented Crufts on TV last year so he can't be all bad. Flyball = best sport ever.
He's so fucking scripted. He's like a midget Clarkson with better hair. He also looks like he likes golden showers and gimp suits. Not a leader to be trusted. But it might make the Commons more interesting, I guess, the black rod would get a bit more hands-on.

No wonder I was caused - in my stupidity, I was mixing up Matthew Wright with Matthew Kelly. Frankly, I have no time for either.

Hung, what on earth is flyball?
By the way, just for the record, I think all politicians would benefit from the gimp suit treatment - you never know, they might take themselves a bit less seriously.
Flyball is a relay race for dogs - border collies usually - they stamp on a board, a tennis ball is... fuck it, it's easier to watch than it is to explain.
Well, that's certainly the first time I've seen a dog do the 100m hurdles than leap into a brick wall . . .
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