Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Stars Of CCTV

So, I was really looking forward to Celebrity Big Brother. People who've read this blog for a while will remember I got very into the last series at one stage, that was, the enjoyably bitchy stage, but CBB has proved impossible. I mean, I've got to like somebody, so who is there to like? All the contestants are various shades of shit, and watching it this weekend for about ten minutes made me want to shoot myself to end the pain.

It seems that pretty much the only interesting thing about it all is the controversy surrounding Hideous George and the questions of whether he should be in the place at all, and a controversy surrounding his chosen charity.

To put my cards on the table - I can't stand the man, and his horrible posturing, as if anyone cared anyway. He is clearly a man who has far too much time for the dictators of the world, and who is quite possibly just a complete crook. His presence is another reason I can't watch the programme - a handful of seconds of his smug countenance and I want to hit things very hard indeed.

So, should he be in there? The consensus seems to be that he shouldn't - after all, doesn't he have a job to do? Well, apparently not, since the man has only deigned to actually represent his constituents on a total of eight occasions since his election. To be fair, I should point out that one former constituent doesn't mind his decision, and Mark Holland quite excellently enagages in a some proper, old-fashioned cynicism in this post, suggesting it's actually an excellent idea getting him out of the way for a while.

Me? I've signed this pledge, which will obviously have no impact anyway, not because I think he should be representing the people of Bethnal Green (Mark has won me over - if you think about it, they're probably much better off without him), but because his chosen charity appears to be a Hamas front organisation.

Fortunately, the whole situation is not beyond the realms of piss-taking, and upon learning that RESPECT were angry about the larger amount of coverage (pardon the pun) given to Jodie Marsh's breasts than to Galloway's political views, one blogger noted:

'It's not a spat that concerns your humble scribe overmuch. Either way, we're pretty much guaranteed an hour of overexposed suntanned tits every night.'



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