Tuesday, January 03, 2006


New Year's Report

I never used to bother with New Year's Eve, preferring to sit at home and watch 'The Wicker Man', which seemed to always be on, but the last two years I've made a go of it.

I know this is stating the obvious, but goodness me, the expense! I've gone through £165 in two nights revels, which is quite a lot when you've no regular source of income. There's whole gaps that I can't remember very well, and the last thing I do remember was wandering down the road at 8 yesterday morning, in my boxer shorts, trying to find an alley I could wee in because I was finding the bathroom intimidating. Rather superbly, one bloke obviously on his way to work crossed the road to avoid me, clearly thinking I was going to flash him.

No. That's a gift I only bestow on the very lucky.

Hello, so where are you now then? I'm confused!! hehe!

My new years was ok except i had an allergic reaction to my curry i was scoffin before we out! Ended up with a swollen lip which resulted with my descent back to cold sore leper-ville!! Really pissed me off!!

No more chinese for me... should have learned my lesson from my works xmas party at the chinese 'all you can eat' buffet!! Three plate-fulls, really wasn't a pretty sight!!!
Is The Wicker Man worth watching, in your opinion? I've never got around to seeing it, but my cinephile friends rave about it.
Happy - I'm back in Manchester until Saturday. Then a week in Stourbridge, and back up here again.

You can't give up on the chips with curry sauce. You'll get withdrawal symptoms!

Paul - Well, it depends. It really is a 'cult' film, in the actual meaning of the word. The word 'cult' is bandied about far too much - for instance, people often call Lola Rennt 'cult', but it was, for a while, the highest grossing foreign language film in American cinema history. Amazing film, but not cult.

The Wicker Man is cult and a bit more. It's an intensely weird experience. I'd watch it, because it is a film that's a talking point, but in reality it's not a horror classic. Still, the ending is pretty frightening, and Edward Woodward looks every inch the repressed Presbyterian throughout. It's worth it for his, and Lee's, performances alone.
Now, that's what I call a proper New Years.
The Intimidating Bathroom: an Italian art film
Tony - Too right. I'm still not sure if it's not my least favourite night of the year though.

SafeT - Even that couldn't beat the sheer pretentiousness of 'Les Clefs de Bagnole'. I can't do a link, but do look it up.
what are the guidelines for the "lucky"? I've never been flashed, it sounds fun.

Being a lady, and not wearing a cheap, il-fitting suit would be two criteria that he failed.
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