Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Halftime Thoughts On Manchester United v Burton Albion

Erm, instead of showing us the second half, because let's face it, who cares, can we see Gary Lineker and Ian Wright playing ping-pong? I want to see Wright cry when he loses. Thanks!

Wrighty blows.


As I wrote that post during half time, I apparently missed Wrighty make the hilarious connection between the surname Saha, and the word 'haha.' Brilliant, I'm sure, but unfortunate from a man whose surname rhymes with 'shite.'


Oh, Sir Alex, if you read this, don't play Saha, because I could play that badly and you'll only have to pay me a tenth of his wage. Maybe not. We'll settle on a fifth.

Saha sucks.

i reckon wrighty might win, he's got a right wright hand and all.
I don't know if he could stop giggling for long enough to get a rally going . . .
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