Thursday, December 01, 2005


Over-Analysis? Never!

After the revelation earlier this year of 'Potter pornography', I had presumed that there was no limit to the Potter madness. However, I may have been wrong.

I like 'Pickled Politics' a lot. It's a great blog, and I agree with it almost all the time, but this is very weird. It is either the most astounding over-analysis of a children's book ever, or it's a superb parody of such analyses. I'll leave it to you to decide:

'Hermione Granger is the quintessential feminist figure stuck in a post-feminist paradigm.'


'In the triangular Harry-Ron-Hermione friendship, she has a two-step function. The first is to preclude the threat of a homosexual liaison between the two male figures, and the second is to formalise Ron’s heterosexuality by being pitched as his romantic partner.'

Erm, I think I would just have accepted it if Rowling had written that Ron was heterosexual. He doesn't have to be Hermione's 'romantic partner' for me to believe he's straight. Similarly, why would you believe that, without a close female friend, the two male protagonists would have a homosexual relationship? Baffling.

From left: 'Hysterical Female Stereotype', Potter, and Frustrated Gay Lover.

I for one, have doubts about the actor portraying "Frustrated Gay Lover"/
You can never over-analyse children's literature. According to Freud, all the psyche is formed in childhood. In the hilarious DVD 'Bewilderment', Bill Bailey recounts how he tried to explain this to a nursery school teacher, citing Humpty Dumpty as a prime example of the castration complex and Little Miss Muffet as a potent metaphor for sexual awakening and the phenomenon of penis envy. He then recounts how he was forcibly ejected from the premises by the teacher...
SafeT - I have to pull you on this one mate. I reckon the actor playing Weasley's the best of the kids. He does sullen really well. If there's one who is off the pace, I reckon it's the Hysterical Female Stereotype.

Paul - I've got to get my hands on that. It sounds excellent!
I didn't say he wasn't a good actor, merely that he seemed slightly fruity.
But I haven't seen the current movie, only the last one.
Aha. If I were to agree with that statement, would it be libellous?
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