Saturday, December 24, 2005


Image Crisis

This blog passed two landmarks the other day. The first was the 250th post, and the second was that I received my two-thousandth visitor who arrived looking for pictures of people or things that aren't on the blog. In order to help these confused souls, I've provided them with what they are looking for. Please, take a moment, look around, and then fuck off.

In almost every picture of her on t'Internet, Fantasia Barrino has one finger pointed skyward. Either she loves God, or she has a very specific joint disease.

When Victoria Koblenko bought her latest outfit, she didn't see the label that said 'Mad Hommage To The Irish.'

Marla Sokoloff mistakenly smokes the 'magic cigarette of tears.'

Finally, twenty-three absolute certifiable weirdos have arrived looking for pictures of bin bags. Still, if you can get off on a bin bag, then a classy, multi-coloured holder as well must surely have you writhing in ecstasy:

You're lucky - my most common search is boy wank.
Without the perverts, the Internet really would grind to a halt.
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