Monday, December 19, 2005


I Used To Be Indecisive - Now I Have A Timeshare On Top Of The Fence

It's time to have a moan about an issue so obscure you may well not believe I could actually care about it, but there you go.

Joe Theismann was an exceedingly good quarterback, winning one Superbowl with the Redskins and leading them to another, winning League MVP once, and twice playing in the Pro Bowl. He is also a very good summariser on ESPN's 'Sunday Night Football' telecast. The man has quality, no denying it.

However, I was a little dismayed by a series of points he made during last night's visit to the Chicago Bears of the Atlanta Falcons. First half, fine. Excellent. Around the start of the second, he opined something along the lines that if Chicago replaced starting quarterback Kyle Orton with their principle quarterback Rex Grossman, that would be a bad idea. Chicago did just that. Grossman threw a good first-down pass to Muhsin Muhammad on his first play. Suddenly, Theismann could be heard singing Grossman's praises. A few plays later, Grossman missed a shot downfield, and suddenly it was the wrong decision to bring him on. Another first-down to Muhammad later, and guess what? It was absolutely the right decision. He continued with this for a while. I believe the term 'flip-flopping' was coined in the USA during the last election when discussing Senator Kerry's mysteriously changing policy agendas. Well, this was the sporting equivalent.

Like I say, he's actually a very good summariser - not quite as good as Madden, maybe, but very good nonetheless. Just don't change your mind! I'd rather you got it wrong.

Theismann in his glory days. I feel bad now. Who am I to mock such men?

Flip-flopping, rancid product of the Republican hype machine!
And, yet, I still consider it the best form of deep-summer footwear available.

In America your subject wouldn't be considered obscure. I'm not a sport fan, so I'm unfamiliar with the principals involved.

But I want to seem generally supportive!
I refuse to wear flip-flops. In Britain, a man who would wear such shoes is sure to be a cad.
A commentator flip-flopping? I refuse to believe it!
In our region it gets to 38-40 degrees in the summer. My feet get slimy in the summer if they are confined to socks and shoes.
Winter time it gets down to as low as -17 degrees, and I wear me boots.
Tony - I know, who'd-a thunk it?

SafeT - 40 degrees? I'd melt. I was once in Spain when it was that hot, and I had to have a drink every ten minutes. The very essence of hell, I tell you.
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