Friday, December 02, 2005


British Bulldog No Good

Last night felt like Christmas Eve used to when I was a child, and I believed in Santa Claus, a belief, incidentally, that ended the Christmas Eve that my Dad walked into my room with my presents, tripped over, and dropped them all on the floor with a huge crash.

Why did it feel like this? Well, I genuinely believed that today, I would have the Internet. When I moved out of the tenement and into the commune this year, I lost the 'net doing so, and since about the end of August my fellow commune-dwellers and I have been doing everything possible to get it back. We had a door-to-door rep from Bulldog, who announced a deal so great that we took him up instantly. No problem, we were told. You'll be all done by around the 28th September.

Various problems ensued, some of them our fault, but most of them theirs, not least their stunning lack of capacity, a result of completely failing to realise that if you give people a great offer, lots of them will take you up on it, therefore you need greater capacity. Anyway, a ten days ago we were told it would be today.

I couldn't sleep last night. At five this morning I was still hoping. By four this afternoon it obviously wasn't going to happen. So congratulations Bulldog, for being completely, totally useless. Oh, and what was their brilliant explanation when we rang them today?

'Technical Difficulties.'

Sorry, but it's not good enough.

Go with a different provider, and save yourself a lot of bother.

Commune? I demand an explanation and can I join?
dawg, that ain't nuthin' but BULL!

We had our ISP shake down in the late 90's, early 2000's.
Some that are gone, or drastically reduced in our areas:
Northpointe, Rhythms DSL, Sprint BroadBand, Covad, Voyager, were a couple more. All dead, because they offered deals below cost and hoped to make up for it in volume.
In-ter-net. Never heard of it.
Aye Steve, do tell about the commune............
It's not really a proper commune, in the sense of crazy drug-fuelled orgies, it's just a dirty house with not-so-crazy constant TV watching marathons. It's not exciting - don't worry, you're not missing anything.

Hung - I know, when will the innovations end? Sadly, being cut off, I'm beginning to forget what it is as well.

SafeT - It's the most stupid business plan there is, and it always happens with Internet companies. They start by selling whatever product or service at a loss, hoping to turn it into a profit later, and try to make up their constant losses by selling in ever greater volume. That's why all these people buying Google shares are going to get their ass handed to them.
interesting piece in private eye about bulldog in the ad nauseum section. you're not alone mate, there's thousands like you...
We've been on the phone to them today, and they 'don't know what the problem is', but they are 'checking the line.' I've made a bet with my house mate that we won't have it by Christmas. I believe this to be the easiest £5 bet I've ever placed.
Good luck with the commune. When I lived in a commune (a while ago now.....1972 actually) we all lived out of the same pocket. Supposed to be filling that pocket by making and selling scented candles, and little coloured suede chokers, purses, wristbands and stash-pouches sewn from off-cut scraps from a clothes-amking factory on the Broomielaw. It fell apart when the one guy who did have a day-job refused to pay the rent for us all any more.
I'm delighted with Tiscali, much cheaper than AOL was. Tiscali had me on-line within a week of seeing the ad
on telly.
I'm actually now online, so I lost the bet. Still, it was worth it.

Mr Gigolo - I have a precedent on this blog that if a blogger comments here, I'll link to them. I'm a whore like that. However, you appear to have hundreds of different blogs. Which one would you prefer me to link to? Or not, if you don't want me to.
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