Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Then The Mighty Spake, And What He Spake Was Wisdom, And That Wisdom Was Thus:

If you really can't believe it's not butter, you're a fucking idiot.

I know! Its fucking minging!

But then again, when it came out it really was the closest thing to butter after marg. Still ew.

Triple 'ew', I would say.
A few nights ago a late night show host named Conan O'Brien had a segment called "Illiterate Book Review"
The reviewer held up a Biochemistry text book and, in an erudite English accent, described the book as being heavy, with many numbers in it, but with a boring cover without any pictures at all. Further, it felt cool and smooth to his face.

It is fellows like that which might need help with the "I can't Believe It's Not Butter" tubs.

....although even an illiterate should surely know that real butter isn't in a tub.
I'd agree with that. All good butter comes in paper.
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