Monday, November 07, 2005


It's A Locke To Decide

Okay, readers, it's time for you to settle an argument. You know how sometimes you ask a hypothetical question, and it provokes far more debate and controversy than the question deserved? Well, this one has done that. Non-British readers may not be able to join in. The question is:

Were you 'Lost' in some distant part of the globe, with only one companion to help you survive and, more importantly, get out of your predicament, would you choose Locke or Ray Mears?

For Mears, this is a five star hotel.

Locke (right) ponders whether or not to ask his companion if he can think of a way he could look less like Ben Kingsley and Patrick Stewart's illegitimate lovechild.

Personally, I'd go with Mears, because he'd make a raft out of badger turds or some other improbable substance and you could escape that way - and let's face it, a man who eats tree sap for fun must know a bit about being hardy in the outdoors. Locke, on the other hand, would probably force you to do all the work yourself as a 'learning experience', and I'd always be worried he'd stab me with a pointed stick or some such.

However, it's over to you now readers. i don't just want names - I want reasons too!

Locke. The guy that plays him's been in The X Files, so he'd draw on his experience to be able to supernaturally transmogrify any possible threat, or something. And, as you say, he looks a bit like Jean-Luc Picard, which I'd find strangely reassuring.
Definitely Ray Mears. Locke looks like he'd make you walk up a hill in front of him and ogle your buttocks.
Mears all the way. Locke is sooo dodgy, he wouldn't do, no. And he also used to sell boxes, which puts him down about four pegs in my table.

Yes! Looks like I win then. Or should I say 'Locke's like I win?' Ha ha, I am invincible.

Yes, yes, yes!

I should probably stop there.
hungbunny:What if a man likes being appreciated?

I like to play a variation on this exercize I call "Who would win?"

Who would win in a fight, Locke or the dude-us-Yanks-don't-know?

Locke hasn't yet had to fight anything but Boars in "Lost"...

*urgent whisper*new episode tonight...
Let's be honest Steve, you only posted this to get the extra Google traffic from people searching for Lost...;-)
That's not so very far from the truth.

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