Saturday, November 12, 2005


I'd Like To Throw My Two Cent At Fifty Cent

I think it's already been established that former drug dealer and now notorious rapper Fifty 'Fiddy' Cent isn't everyone's cup of tea, and he certainly isn't mine either.

However, like all suckers, he has eventually been given an even break, and has his own film, called 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.' I particularly love 'tryin' as if it would really have hurt them to have spelt a simple word properly.

This film has caused plenty of controversy, firstly by having had many billboards advertising it removed, following complaints from various community groups who protested that the image of Fiddy with arms outstetched, a mike in one hand and a gun in the other were 'inappropriate.'

Unfortunately, it appears that the poster art is the best part of the film, given the slatings it has received at the IMDb, most of which appear to conclude that the film is little more than a vanity project (surprise, surprise) for the one-time felon. One exception, however, announces the film - hilariously - as 'easily the film of 2005.' It must be great to be so easily pleased.

Unfortunately, yet another bullet has hit the dying corpse of the film with the news that a man has been shot after a screening. Wait - no he wasn't, the victim, Sheldon Flowers had just seen the film, but 'it is not known what film the three men [the killers] had seen.' So it was hardly the fault of the film, was it? It's not like Mr Flowers was the one who got so much testosterone flowing through him he started busting clips.

Apparently, the cinema where it occured has faced so much media pressure to stop the film that they've temporarily withdrawn it. It looks to me like everyone wants Fiddy to fail, so much so that they've created a complete non-news story. Would they have pressed so much for withdrawal if someone had been shot after a screening of 'Shrek'?

Honest opinions folks - which is the more ogre-ish?

If you turn the colour down on your monitor it's hard to tell the difference between those two pictures.
Yeah, the two of them and Wayne Rooney are like a bizarre threesome.
Nonsense! Fifty has beautiful arms.
He may do, but I can't see them under all those horrid tattoos.
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