Saturday, November 19, 2005


The Grim Freeper

I have always enjoyed reading Samizdata, mostly because I agree with it ninety per cent of the time, but the comments to this post are just frightening. The post is about Iraq, and careful readers of this blog will have noticed I don't discuss that subject, and furthermore I don't intend to start now, but I do have a big problem with these comments.

They start with a Freeper, who is claiming that several Democratic senators are 'traitors' (pull the other one), who is, fascinatingly, interested in researching the Knights Templar, according to his biog. He might want to try 'Tombs Of The Blind Dead' (banned in Sweden!) for a really riveting good watch, particularly after its Yankland release by Blue Underground in 'The Blind Dead Collection', which looks like a super deal for my American readers to consider.

I'm getting off the point. Anyway, they carry on in much the same vein, until it starts to degenerate further into several of the commenters fondly reminiscing about Vietnam. At this point, my jaw was on the floor. Contributor, and excellent sports pundit, Scott Wickstein then injects a bit of sense into the debate, only to be shouted down by what appears to a group of Republicans so far to the right that one of them actually uses the word 'Oilrabians.' What are these people doing on a libertarian blog? Quite apart from the fact that, whatever you may believe about Iraq, it's clearly costing a bit, and libertarians should object to almost all government spending on principle, these are party (political, not fun) people who clearly trust the government implicitly as long as it's their side in power.

Dear oh dear, what is the world coming to?

The Blind Dead Collection from Blue Underground - blind, dead, horseriding, zombie-ish Knights Templar attack - very, very, very slowly indeed.

"Blogs will be the bulwark against the slide into defeatism that prevents a repeat of Vietnam."
Yes, that was definitely one of the single worst comments. I particularly like the way that person confidently imagines that the average Joe on the street gives two hoots what bloggers think.

That thread has now reached sixty comments. When I wrote this post, it was at 24. Every single one of the last 36 comments is poorly argued, poorly written and generally no good. I sincerely hope the comments on this blog never end up like that.
I've been visiting Samizdata for a couple of years, and I have to say that while I don't always see eye to eye with the contributors, most of the time I can see there is a reasonable point to be made. I have even had occasion to change my mind on a couple of issues here and there.

The commenters, on the other hand, tend at times to some of the worst excesses of right wing paranoid bigotry imaginable.
I absolutely, totally, 100% agree with that. It's always the same culprits as well.
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