Friday, November 04, 2005



Sorry about the week long delay folks. If truth be told, the reason I haven't been on here recently is simply that little has been making me angry. This blog feeds on my anger, and in my rare periods of contentment, I struggle to work up the necessary vitriol. However, I absolutely promise to have something for you tomorrow, even if it isn't that long.

You could, I dunno, rant about minutia.
I will never forgive you!

Even as I lie on my death-bed, one-eyed, one-armed and half hearted, I will not have forgiven you.

post dammit.

:D xxB

p.s. I could annoy you if you liked. You might have to pay me for my services though.
Oh thank God! I was starting to think something awful had happened. I shall try and think of something really annoying to say and post it here as inspiration.
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