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I suspect you'd have to be very disconnected from British society indeed not to have noticed the influx of this game called Sudoku. This is one of the things I dislike most about Britain - every now and then, people get the urge to act like the most cretinous type of sheep and all rush out to buy exactly the same thing as everyone else on their street.

Harry Potter has come and gone, and so Sudoku is filling up the hole. Even apparently intelligent people are falling prey to its dubious charms.

Why? What, really, is the point? They're easier than a crossword, and less interesting too, and utterly, completely useless. Naturally, celebrity bandwagon-hopper Carol Vorderman is in on the act, but so, apparently, is everyone else. It's the new Atkins diet.

This is by far the worst import from Japan ever. I'll take the knotweed any day.

Anyway, why not enjoy a crossword-related joke? (it isn't mine, it belongs to one of these fellows)

A: Do you know what the hardest cryptic crossword clue ever is?
B: No, what?
A: 'The overworked postman.'
B: How many letters?
A: A sackful!

I'm available for stand-up.

'Well, I'd say, based on the evidence, the answer is the Boring Git, in Britain, with the sub-cretinous wordsearch equivalent.'

I bloody love Su Doku!! I don't think they are useless as they teach you to think in a more
logical way...

Anyway, have sent you two texts, neither of which have been delivered, so am i still invited to visit??!! Will give you a ring- so let me know when you switch your phone on!!
I believe that the Japanese invented Sudoku because their alphabet doesn't lend itself to crosswords. Ours does, however, so there's no fucking excuse.
Viz did a good skit on sudoku a few months back with a few brilliant puzzles: Stew-do-ku, Su-doc-who, and Sue-do-ku, which involved filling in the ingredients needed for a good beef stew, filling in Dr. Whos 1- 9 and filling in celebrity Sues from Barker to Pollard. I completed the first, which required the least arty skills and described itself as mental wanking. An enjoyable waste of Noman's time.
p.s. try the maccaroons...
I'm shite at Suduko. I'm worse at crosswords... but I'm a dab hand at the ones with the arrows you get in Bella. Not that I read Bella.

Bit of a piss-easy Sudoku to choose as an example there, Steve. Personally I find Sudokus (Sudoki?) a good way of breaking up the tedium of my 'working' day, given that I'd get sacked for looking at most of the interesting sites on the web that aren't blogs...

And cool blog, btw, Boudica of Suburbia. Consider yourself linked to. But why, pray tell, does it say 'life, love, lust [crossed out] and lemons' in Russian at the top of it?
I can forgive the Japanese for inventing it. They've given us many useful things over the years, like Miike Takashi, for instance.

However, that's no good excuse for us to do it, as Hung says.

Boudica, crosswords with arrows? I'm lost. What are these?

Paul - was that simple? I tried for about thirty seconds, and got distracted by a dandelion. I'll take your word for it. Too right about the 'interesting' sites, by the way. I had the same problem when I was in employment. Typical stuffed shirts.
I can't even get to most of the interesting sites at work. Even my own is blocked by the firewall for 'adult content'.

And while I'm here, I thought I'd mention that I've just tagged you for yet another silly fad. Have fun... or not, as the case may be.
I don't mind the odd Sudoku. It's like doodling.

The Japs have also given us this cool customer, and this cool film.
Paul - mine was blocked in the local public cluster. I suppose it may have something to do with the occasional pornographic content. I sincerely hope this blo comes with a constant 'Not Safe For Work' warning.

Tony - 'Beat' is a genius. No two ways about it. How much fun was 'Violent Cop' the first time you saw it?
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