Thursday, October 06, 2005


Paddy Powerless

Ironic congratulations are due to the Irish Advertisning Standards Authority, for forcing the removal of a billboard advert that, for once, was actually mildly interesting. It depicted Jesus and the disciples spending the last supper gambling and playing roulettes, complete with the slogan 'there's a place for fun and games.' Here's the advert:

The Wythenshawe Hospital Gambling Club's annual main event was much better after the fancy dress idea.

The advert, which was located in 79 places around Dublin, caused a mixture of laughter and disgust. Leading the protests was Archbishop John Neill of the Church of Ireland, who claimed the advert would be 'offensive to most Christian people.' Obviously the Archbishop doesn't regard his follower's senses of humour very highly.

Happily, Paddy Power can receive our congratulations for replacing the rejected adverts, which had been submitted to legal threats, with new ones saying, 'There's a place for fun and games. Apparently this isn't it.' Fair play!

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