Friday, October 21, 2005


Meet Lindsey Blackledge

Everybody, meet Lindsey Blackledge:

According to this page, dear Lindsey was arrested in July 2002. Her offence?

'The 19-year-old California gal was arrested in July 2002 for possession of a stolen, 14-ounce tri-tip steak. According to the Calaveras County sheriff, the beef was swiped from the outdoor grill of Katherine King, a 38-year-old San Andreas woman who called cops after discovering her meat was missing. When police arrived at the crime scene, they discovered a trail of "meat juice" leading from King's grill to an upstairs apartment. Inside the apartment, investigators followed the meat drippings to a bathroom, where they found the purloined sirloin hidden in a cabinet below the sink. Blackledge--who was found in the apartment--was charged with a felony.'

When will these felons learn that the beef-juice will catch you out in the end? I particularly like the image of the policemen bursting into her apartment, ignoring her, and instead following the spots of dripping on the carpet. Life is good, no?

Meat? Juice? Far too easy. I'm not falling into that trap, Doctor.
If I was going to steel food, the last place I would put it would be the bathroom.

Well, I suppose it would get their eventually, but my choice of beef seasonings are generally not found in that room.
Erm, "Steal" food. My gut isn't that strong.

And it would get "there".

Damn this strong drink. I go pass out now.
It is an odd place to have hid it. If her bathroom cupboards are anything like mine, they're clean, but in an I-spilled-TCP-here-a-few-months-ago-and-I'm-not-sure-if-that-wood-is-entirley-poison-free kind of a way.

Perhaps she knew the fozzers were on to her.
I've got to believe that there were extenuating circumstances here.
The chick was nucking futs, or she was starving.
But....why hide when you could eat?

Lastly:how did this qualify as a felony? In Michigan, the property damages must exceed $100US before it qualifies as a felony unless there is bodily harm involved.
Unless this was Kobe Beef, I don't see it being a felony!
Maybe the meat wasn't fully cooked, and she was concerned about food poisoning . . .
Looks like she could do with a feed anyhow.
I absolutely agree - just a few more pounds and a haircut, and she'd be quite cute actually.
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