Monday, October 24, 2005


JackBoots Not Recognised; Alabamans(?) Rise In Estimation

Jack Straw might have been taken down a peg or two this weekend as, on a waste-of-time foreign junket to the USA, where he visited Alabama, the home state of Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice, he was recognised by almost nobody.

JackBoots, who earned his nickname because of his tough stance at the Home Office, was dubbed 'Mr England' as victims of Katrina completely failed to recognise him, or, in the cases where they did, variously called him 'Mr Shaw' and 'Mr Snow.'

Fantastically, according to the Yahoo story, 'British and U.S. officials said the tour was designed to show Alabamans that diplomacy is relevant to their lives.' Not that relevant, though.

Straw continued to show his complete ignorance by calling American Football 'rugby with commercials.' Gah!


Oh God, how I wish I had no idea who Jack Strw was. The man is a loathesome toad. He was on TV the other week defending the case for the Iraq war and was asked a awkward question by Reg Keys whose son was killed in Iraq. His response was to claim to feel grief at the death of Mr Key's son. It was the most appalling display of phoney grief I've seen since the last time Tony Blair said sorry about something or other.
Ah well, I suppose it's swings and roundabouts. At least knowing who he is I can take the piss out of him. That opportunity would be denied me forever if he had never risen to prominence.
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