Tuesday, October 18, 2005


'I Kinda Hope That We Get Stuck, Nobody Gets Out Alive'*

Today, a very wonderful thing happened. A lift got stuck. However, it wasn't just any old lift - it was a brand new lift, on one of the most pointlessly expensive and rubbish buildings built on the south coast, the new Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

Better still, it was the city council's project manager who was the only person trapped. Life couldn't be much better, could it? The fellow, called Greenhalgh, but apparently pronounced Greenhouse, was still trapped late this morning, but I think he's out now.


I hope Mr Holland doesn't mind me stealing his photo, but I like it too much. They should really have left Mr Greenhalgh there to stew on his mistakes.

*Aerosmith, 'Love In An Elevator'

Not at all.

I rather like that the abseiling bloke has his finger point upwards as if desperately hoping...

Turns out Greenhouse wasn't alone.

The lift got stuck 100ft up the tower with city council project manager David Greenhalgh and a representative of tower builders Mowlem inside.

In an ironic twist, engineer Luca Frigerio from Maspero – the company which built the troubled lift – was with them.

Which is just as fun.

In a normal world heads would roll but this project lost any attachment to normality a long time ago.
Ahhh councillors... you just can't top em.

Mine went on the run from her bankruptcy hearing, which was fun.

bye from a badly spelling xxB
Mark -

Absolutely. I see no reason at all why the peopel of Portsmouth should have had to pay for this project. It's not their fault. My only sad feeling about this whole story is that they aren't still stuck there now.

Boudica -

One of my local councillors was recently jailed for selling fake passports and some armaments. Two months earlier he'd been in a campaign to persuade people to give up their guns.
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