Tuesday, October 11, 2005


First You Felt Good, Now You Can Feel Better!

I have been very kindly asked to participate in a new group blog, which is just starting. I'm still going to be writing here, but I shall be contributing there too, with reasonable frequency, and I would like to invite my readership to come on over and comment away - the only requirement is a basic level of civility, because obviously it isn't my blog. If you wish to call me a cunt, please do it here.

If you enjoy my witterings here, please consider linking to this new blog too. Oh, and if you like, you may be able to participate as well.

More importantly: Does The Horse's Arse ever write anything?
You know, that was a joke I thought would be hilarious when I was really drunk. It wasn't. I don't do any more 'drunk blogging.' Big mistakes can follow.
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