Tuesday, September 06, 2005


'You Shall Not Feast On Me!'*

I was yelling this, just last week, on the top of a mountain near Galway. Yet they did. Midges, that is. Isn't it just sod's law that the day you forget the insect repellant you'll go somewhere where there are thousands of the bastards? I got over 100 bites on my body. This was last Wednesday, and I'm still fucking itching. I reckon the Irish train them to attack the English. It's a very real possibility.

'Fee, fi, fo, fum, we smell the blood of a colonial oppressor.'

*JD in 'Scrubs', Series 3, Episode 14, 'My Tormented Mentor.' Yes, I am a nerd.


Blogland's other doctor, the yang to my yin, has also had problems with the insect world recently. I think an inter-species war is on the cards. About time, too.

"...inter-species war is on the cards"

What? Between the English and the Irish?
No, assuredly not! The Irish would win. Think how many Irish folks are currently lodged in England - we would be defeated from the inside out.

We stand a far better chance against insects.
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