Thursday, September 15, 2005


Revolting Limerick Of The Day

'The was a young lady from Peru,
Who caught herself avian flu,
Her anus exploded,
And her brain imploded,
And her skin turned a greyish-green hue.'

Oh, and a quick reminder for my British readers - 'Sexy Beast' is on Channel 4 tonight at 10. Watch it. A quick question, too, for my overseas readers who've seen the film - did you find it impossible to understand the accents? I only ask, because the message boards on IMDb are overflowing with people who claim they 'didn't understand a word', and I can't really believe it.

I'm in Canada
I had no problem with any of the accents in Sexy Beast
But I live with a guy from Belfast
And we have a lot of other British accents around here
It's the Asians and Eastern Europeans that can barely speak English that I have trouble understanding.
In the same vein: when we went to the show to see "Snatch" with Brad Pitt - we were the only ones laughing - laughing hard too. No one else understood a word and kept looking at us weird.
I do a great impression of Gorgeous George from Snatch - "I fuckin' 'ate pikeys!"

Southerners love it, they think I'm so quaint and Northern in my ways.

I might watch Sexy Beast for a bit, but I imagine I'll be too emotionally drained from the main event of the week - Bolton Wanderers vs Lokomotiv Plovdiv on Channel Five. Come on you Whites!!!
Anonymous -

You went to the cinema with Brad Pitt? I'm mighty impressed. Anyway, thanks for the input - we can chalk that up to 'Britsh Accents 1, Pretend-Deaf Doubters 0'

Paul -

Good luck. I shall be cheering for you, not that that will make any difference. Still, you should win.
No problem here understanding things. What's not to understand?

-- "Gentlemen! You're all cunts."
I would have watched it but Quadrophenia was on TCM. Ridiculous scooters and a young Leslie Ash won out over Gandhi saying "cunt", I'm afraid.
Tony -

Don Logan would never use such a horrific word. 'Gentlemen?' Far outside his vocabulary.

Hungbunny -

Call me odd, but I've always wanted a scooter like those.
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