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I was stunned tonight - stunned! - by a programme on Channel 4. Presented by our old friend Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan, the slimy old git was moaning about the general prevalence of celebrities without discernible talent. Well, fair point. However, he was typically obnoxious about it. In a frankly stunning moment, he was shown interviewing Maxwell and Saskia from Big Brother. 'Doesn't it bother you that neither of you appear to have any talent?' he asked.

Hold on a moment. Let's just pause for a second and review Morgan's career arc, shall we?

1989 - 1994: Showbiz reporter for 'The Sun.' Lest we think that an important role in society, just remember it puts him on a par with Dominic Mohan.
1994 - 1995: Editor of 'The News Of The World.'
1995 On: Editor Of 'The Daily Mirror.'
2000: Was slapped on the wrist by the Press Complaints Commission after recommending Viglen shares shortly after buying a job lot of them.
2004: Sacked from The Mirror after authorised faked photos of British soldiers allegedly torturing Iraqi prisoners. No such thing took place.

Hmmmmm. A real worthwhile contribution to the march of society yourself then, hypocrite? Who the hell is he to accuse anybody of a lack of talent? A man who oversaw The Mirror lose about the only asset it had, the pictures of ladies without much on, to instead attempt 'serious journalism', only to fail every step of the way?

According to the Wikipedia link, Jeremy Clarkson once punched him in the face. Good on you, Jeremy.

Considerably more talent than Piers Morgan

Hear hear. I watched about 3 minutes of that before switching off, so irritated was I by that odious little cunt Morgan.

Does anyone remember his performance on Have I Got News for You? Possibly the funniest thing ever, however inadvertant it was.
Wanker! 'Nuff said!!
Paul B -

I only lasted slighlty longer. About ten minutes, I would guess.

I do well recall that time Ian Hislop ripped the piss out of him. It was a beautiful moment of television. If only more people would treat him with that level of contempt.

Happyviolet -

That was, indeed, a pithy summation. Nowt more to add.
Being a Yank, I have no idea who Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan is.
But around here hyphenated names are for the women-folk...
Round here too, SafeT. That's why he's dropped the Pughe. If I were him I would have dropped the Piers too.
Yeah, four names is decadent enough as it is.
-Joseph Louis Safe Thomas Inspector Whited
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