Monday, August 01, 2005


Your Homework While I'm Away

I know several of my readers are in the teaching profession, so I'm sure they'll understand me when I say I want no shirking on this work. Your question is this:

Work out for me the meaning of the following lyrics:

'Better get yourself together babe,
I'm telling you for sure,
I can take your pressure 'cos,
I'm looking at the door.
I gave him all I got, baby
I won't take no more -
You're the one I love,
Let's do it like before!'

'Time and time again I let you have it all your way,
You had it in the morning,
Late at night and in the day,
I gave you so much baby,
Don't let me go astray,
I feel it in my heart,
And every night I'm gonna pray!'

Saturated Soul, 'Got To Release' (Ian Carey & Eddie Amador Vocal)

I've been trying for months with no luck. Oh, by the way, it's a female singer. So, I want no excuses, lots of comments, I don't care how silly, because they're better than nothing. Create a life story for this lady if you like. I just want something.


hello- the song is probably about sex but, as it is a no-brainer funky house 'choon' the lyrics are unimportant. Its got a funky bassline and loud divaesque vocal which along with a decent amount of MDMA fulfills its entire purpose i.e. encouraging even the most oafish of grown louts to dance.
She's definitely human. A female gorilla in oestrus would never make such a fuss about sex.

It looks like the old story. A human female is tricked into running away from the alpha male by some young imposter, who fools her with his 'look at the cucumber in my trousers' trick. After she realises she has been conned, she returns tearfully to the alpha male begging him to take her back. He will say 'yes', without telling her that he's made several additions to the harem while she's been away. Thus the human mating game continues, like a never-ending tragicomedy.
"Door" in a pop music context is almost always a euphemism for "vagina". Look at the Doors - what a bunch of cunts they were.
Gosh, potatoes.

What a lot of interesting answers!

Anon -

Yes, it is a funky house 'choon' (are you Sara Cox?), but it does, as you point out, have vocals, which makes it a damn sight more interesting than most other forms of dance music, most of which are these days comparable to being locked inside a vacuum cleaner.

'the most oafish of grown louts to dance.'

I always enjoy recognition. By the way, do you want to go out some time?

Bananas -

It's a real possibility. Humans in their sex cycle worry more about pair-bonding than the average gorilla, or so I hear. This raises the possibility: perhaps the female vocalist is wishing for simian companionship, given the previous reticence of her human collaborators?

Hungbunny -

The Doors were cunts. Agreed. This, interestingly, would make the singer a lesbian, which would cast a strange light on what the male participants of the song were doing . . .

Keep going folks, you may be close to the truth!
Wanted to get a name 'anonymous' is so... boring!

Hello Dr Feelgood- golly arent i a good actress??!! yes it was me that posted that comment yesterday!! (i did tell you internet stalking sorry, researching had become my new hobby!! hahaha!)

further elaberation on the lyrics to the song in question is beyond me, liked the primate interpretation though- put an interesting slant on things!

overall its about sex and possibly god (most upbeat funky house is derived from original gospel songs) ... how boring!
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