Wednesday, August 10, 2005


An Ode To LEGO

Waiting at Copenhagen Airport the other day, I noticed a LEGO store. It looked terribly forlorn, with a 20% discount on everything. No-one was stopping. Since they're clearly in trouble, and I practically grew up in the stuff, I thought I'd help out with a poem. As with previous efforts, this is written in the modernist style, and is not meant to be taken seriously. Thank you.

The fabled stories of yore,
Told in plastic-fantastic detail,
Carved into children's memories,
A raid, a voyage, a discovery.

The building blocks to their hearts.

Some claimed it was too expensive,
Others too demanding,
Yet still the pirates and tumbleweed residents
Are kept alive in this strange world.

No hopes, no dreams,
Yet life aplenty.'

This curious mixture of horror and admiration that has overcome me has rendered me speechless.

A Legode.
Damn that's good.
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