Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The Kick-Ass Cabbage Campaign!

Here at Dr Feelgood nothing is relished like a bit of the old direct action. So, we're proud to endorse the Kick-Ass Cabbage Campaign (my name for it), started here. The story goes like this. A branch manager at the Bank Of Scotland, in an attempt to motivate the staff, forced the person with the lowest sales figures to have a cabbage on their desk. That manager's name was Stacey, which you need to remember.

One of her victims was a young man called Darren who was on the road to recovery after meningitis. Rather understandably, he hadn't gotten great sales figures over the period. Fortunately, his dad went to the press and has had Stacey exposed.

Now, Clairwil has started the eminently sensible campaign of asking people to either send a cabbage to Stacey, or else a picture of one. If you need one to print out, look no further:

Because she's a big cabbage. Geddit?

The address to send your cabbage or photo to is:

Stacey, The Bank Of Scotland, 701 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8RB.

It's the perfect sort of direct action. It's a real pain in the arse for the recipient, but it does no lasting harm or anything horrible. Your support is required!

Thanks for your support. The Kick Ass Cabbage Campaign it is.
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