Sunday, August 28, 2005


Go Forth And Multiply!

Thanks to my good friend Clairwil I can now find out how many of you buggers actually read this tripe. I am, as you can imagine, quite delirious with the power at my command. The secret lay in some strange website who allow you this service for free - trouble is, they won't allow any pornographic content on any blog on which their symbol appears. Fuck that - if they come snooping, they'll just have to cancel my account. No more pictures of naked ladies - blow that, that's the whole point of the Internet!

Obviously, therefore, I expect you to not only read this site yourselves, but also to tell mates and partners and suchforth. Because mark my words, I've got my eye on you lot.

In another administrative matter, I have decided to re-post the now-infamous 'breakfast post' as soon as possible. Trouble is, I'm off to the wettest, wildest part of Ireland at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning, so it may be next week. I'll try before then, though.

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