Saturday, August 27, 2005


Consider Me Baffled

Well, I don't know. I'm completely confused. I wrote a post this week on a subject dear to my heart, tea, and it has vanished completely. It was, in fact, one of my better posts. Sadly, it has now vanished three times. As a result, I can't be arsed to re-write it. If I do, I'll put it up with an explanation. In the meantime, does anyone know why it might be happening?

I'm going to speculate wildly and put forth the notion that the tea went all cold, and got dumped.
No, probably not - I don't actually dislike tea that's lukewarm at best. I suppose there's more taste in it. It's just Blogger that's going to be given the cold shoulder, unless they give me my post back.

Give me back my toys, Google!
I've had problems posting to your site while you've been away, Steve. However I did save the thing I was trying to post:

"Spot on about the Germans. I particularly like the concept of the
Fleischsalat. I drink my morning tea from an enormous Munich beer
stein - it's the only way to start the day."

Of course it all seems quite random and irrelevant now.
Strvr, i am afriad you may have been flagged by some anti tea lemming molesting child botherer.
For years now, I have felt that Blogspot has shown an anti-tea bias, and this just proves it.

Hungbunny, the day when breakfast beer is irrelevant iis the day I take up arms against the state.
Strvr? What the Hell was that? DAMN YOU BLOGSPOT for making me look (more so) like an idiot!

No, it has nothing to do with my sausage fingers.
Hungbunny -

As per new post, I'm going to re-issue the 'breakfast post' soon. Therefore, your fine comment can go in its rightful home once more. Fleischsalat is unbelievable - I just can't understand how anyone could be vegetarian. I mean, yes, I know, animals suffer, blah, blah, blah, but so do I when I can't eat them. I bet there's never been a German with a protein defficiency.

Dr -

You've noticed the bias too! It's obvious to me now - all the civilised parts of the world drink tea, and the uncivilised ones don't. Google are based in California, which is of course deeply uncivilised.

Watch out for those fingers - if they get too big you won't be able to press the 'detonate' button when the machine is ready. Frankly, as long as it wipes out Google, I don't care if I die in the blast.
Cali folk drink "herb" tea. It ain't tea, but it smells pretty! Kinda a drinkable pot porri
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