Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Bring Back Martyn Lewis!

It was a beautiful, sunny day today. I'd gone out last night and got, I don't mind admitting, rather drunk. Yet I felt wonderful this morning. I had a marvellous lunch, and then it happened. I was perusing the paper (The Times today), and on page thirty - thirty! - was the following story:

'Beijing: Hopes of saving 102 workers trapped in a flooded coal mine at Xingning, in Guangdong, southern China, faded when water levels failed to drop. The flooding was caused by miners breaking into a water channel. A gas explosion in the southwestern Guizhou province also killed 14 miners.'

Compare this to the weekend long coverage of the Russian submarine, which came ubiquitous with terrible rescue footage on BBC World (imagine something blurry and red creeping across something patchy and blue), and you'll see the disparity.

Later, I was in the local shop, purchasing an ice cream because of the glorious weather, and Radio 1 'Newsbeat' came on the radio.

'A man has been jailed for life after killing a two-year old toddler on Glasgow's Easterhouse estate with an air rifle. He had been leaning out of the window firing potshots.'

'Policing are advising women in Northampton not go out alone after dark, following a spate of attacks in the area. At least three women have been raped in the last week.'

It carried on like this for ages. This depressed me thoroughly, and I got to remembering former BBC newscaster Martyn Lewis, who famously wanted more good news stories on the news. I reckon he had the right idea.

So, in an attempt to pass this on to the nation, I need at least one piece of good news in the lives of my readers. As Echo & The Bunnymen once said, 'enlighten me.'

Good news?

Let me see... I reduced a work colleague to tears today. Oh, you wanted good news. Haven't got any of that, sorry.
Go on . . . tell us how you did it. I want to know now.
It's a pretty dull story, and one I can't tell on my blog because people at work read it. But I've made an official complaint about her constant hacking cough, and the ridiculously hot temperature she likes the office to be. It's frosty now though, let me tell you.
Ach, tell me about it. I wish I could complain about the hacking coughing at my workplace, but sadly it's me doing it.

I would really, really like to take a vacation from my body and brain. I could do with, say, a fortnight off from the coughing, sneezing, hiccuping and mindless mental chuntering. I really hope medical science goes in this direction before I'm worm food.
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