Saturday, July 16, 2005


Time's Up At The Trailer Park

Apparently, Eminem is going to stop making music. I think I speak for everyone with an ounce of taste when I say, 'we'll live.'

No matter how hard he tried, he just never was frightening. Compare and contrast:

Cecilie De France models 'circular saw chic' in 'High Tension.' Now, that's frightening!

Part of the reason, I reckon, is just how establishment our trailer-park friend always was. Check it out:

Everyone was proud when Mathers won the election for control of the Municipal Waste Disposal Board.

Still, he did make a shed load of cash. Fair play, then.

He wanna be a producer, like his "mentore" Dr Dre.
I'll not cry for that.
Anyway I liked a lot B-Movie serie Friday 13th.
Yeah, I don't know if he'll be a very good producer. Somehow, I think he lacks the focus that someone like Dr Dre has.

In fact, I reckon he'll decide in a short time that he wants to carry on behind the microphone.

More's the pity.

You're damn right, by the way - 'Friday 13th' is a classic. The sequel's vary, obviously, but hey, there's nothing quite like a good slasher, and nothing says slasher like a chainsaw, from 'Dawn Of The Dead' to 'TCM' and now 'Switchblade Romance', which I do actually love. I'll get around to writing a review eventually.
Ah yes,
I think everyone over the age of 15 will get by without dear old Marshall. I remember listening to a whole Eminem album once and thinking 'this is shit but if I was a thirteen year old boy obsessed with cars and farting, this would be the best thing I'd ever heard.'
I only once heard an album of his all the way through. It was his first, I think. It was, and I'm not joking, one of the worst I've ever heard.

'Cars and farting' seems a pretty fair summary to me.
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