Tuesday, July 26, 2005



Following the success of alien season here at 'Dr Feelgood', which like all good things was so succesful that I had to apologise for it afterwards, I've decided to run another season. I have a few posts I want to do on one subject, and that subject is - sex! I'll put a film review at the end like last time, too. So turn those frowns upside down, because I'm having a shit week too, but at least thinking about fornication can cause the world's troubles to recede.

'You know, we never did get round to painting this wall last spring.'

Not to mention my hairline.
Is that scientific?
In the same way that the film Weird Science is, yes.
What's with porno tarts and high heels? Frankly, it just looks stupid.
Hungbunny -

I hadn't thought about 'Weird Science' for years and years. What an incredibly bizarre film it was. Rather fun though, as I recall it.

Fascinating fact about 'Weird Science' - 'dream girl' Kelly LeBrock was the first person to utter (on record) the phrase 'don't hate me because I'm beautiful.'

To which the correct answer is - 'I don't. I hate you because people who say that make me want to eat my own oesophagus.'

Tony -

That's a very good question. I honestly don't know. Perhaps they think it makes them look more glamorous, but to me it just looks like they're pretending not to be as short as they are. Who knows?
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