Friday, July 01, 2005


A Quick Announcement

There won't be any updates here for a couple of days probably, as I'm heading to this remote wonder:

'Tis a very small place very far away where there will be no computer (or not for me, anyway). A few days R & R should wash away all the stresses and strains of unemployed living, don't you think?

Anyway, I'll be back the early hours of Monday morning. Ta ta!

That looks like the kind of place that has a big heroin problem. Aha! You're on a business trip! Say no more, Dr "Feel Good".
Pity you're not going to Penrith.
HB - Damnit, you've rumbled me again! Actually, I really feel sorry for the kids growing up there. It must be pretty shitty growing up in the countryside, with so little to do.

It'd drive me mad.

Tony - Why Penrith? It's alright, but it's nothing special. Like everywhere in the Lake District, it's so busy you might as well holiday in the Blackwall Tunnel.
Penrith is where Withnail & I went. You could have gotten pissed and abused hapless yokels.
Of course it is! Do you know, I'd forgotten? How shameful is that?

I haven't seen that film for three or four years now. I've gotta get myself a copy, because it, along with 'This Is Spinal Tap', is the best comedy of the eighties.

Fascinating fact: Richard E Grant was actually born in Swaziland.
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