Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Pubic Examination

It would seem, from afar, as if the Aussie 'Big Brother' is distinctly more interesting than our own, to judge from this story. The offending details:

'The camera zooms in on housemate Christie singing the national anthem in the shower while shaving her bikini line.

Later, two of the male housemates use the same shower to indulge in displays of genital origami.

Rita, one of the new "intruders" in the house, is in the lounge room trying to impress the boys with her talent for noisily expelling air from a certain part of her body.

In another room, Vesna, one of the other female housemates, lies on a bed plucking at her bikini line and share intimate conversations about personal hygiene.

After an hour of simulated sex, sex talk and profanity, and minutes devoted to toilet humour and pranks, the 9.40pm show ends with two of the girls using their microphone battery packs as sex toys.'

Shaving, masturbating and, um, farting. If only ours were as interesting. It's been so dull the last few days. I might even have to give up watching it.

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