Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Mr Faggot's Brains

You will, I'm sure, vividly recollect yesterday's post about faggots, amongst other things. Well, I undertook some research about 'Mr Brain's' for you, ably assisted by 'Anonymous' in the comments for that post.

What I found was this.

The company who made said faggots, Hibernia Foods, went into receivership. A deal was underway in an attempt to save jobs. Did it work? Who knows.

Anyway, since Hibernia Foods were bought by Kerry Foods in December 2003, it probably means that the Doody family were the first and last 'Faggot Family.' I love this story.

First of all, a little background. Yesterday, I wrote:

''Mr. Brain's Faggots.' Call me childish, but I was laughing for fully five minutes after reading that. I haven't a clue what they're on about, but it's still creasing me up.'

I should like to make something clear. I wasn't meaning the faggots themselves - I know what a faggot is, I'm from the Black Country. I was referring to the brand itself.

Now, on to the article.

The Doody's. Boy, do they love faggots!

They even look like they come from Wolverhampton. Anyway, this family won the right to represent Mr Brain's throughout 2003.

'The Doody family were chosen to front the campaign after impressing judges at the Savoy Hotel in London in November.

They displayed their fanaticism for the delicacy during quizzes, role-plays and mock commercials.'

What kind of parents put their kids through the mill of appearing in role-plays based around faggots? Even if it weren't for the constant double-entendre, it would still be just a little sad. Furthermore: they held this competition at the Savoy? No big premieres that week then.

'The family, including Lewis, 13, and Grace, 7, eat faggots twice a week, with mashed potato and mushy peas, and will be launching the awareness campaign on Tuesday at Liverpool University, followed by visits this week to Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham.'

Still, it all became worthwhile for the Faggot Road Trip!

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