Tuesday, July 12, 2005


God, I'm Bored

I really haven't got much to say at the moment. How about a joke?

A Welsh/New Zealandish/Canadian/hick of your choice farmer comes into the bedroom. His wife is lying on the bed. The farmer has a sheep under his arm. Suddenly, he says, 'you see, this is the pig I have to sleep with when your not around.' 'You fucking idiot', his wife replies, 'that's a sheep.' 'I was talking to the sheep', says the farmer.

That was a bit shit, wasn't it?

Hopefully, I'll think of something to say soon. Hold on in there. I'll be back later.

A bloke goes into his local hospital, psychiatric ward, and says, "Doctor doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains!"

The doctor replies, "I'm sorry, there aren't any beds."

OK, that was equally shit. Jokes lose something in the typing I think. Or maybe it's just the jokes I try to tell in the first place.
I think I can do shitter:

f(x) = 6x + 3 walks into a bar.
"Got any sandwiches?" it asks the barman.
"Sorry," the barman replies, "we don't cater for functions."
There are 10 sorts of people in the world.

Those who understand binary, and those who don't.

To be honest folks, I think those were considerably better than mine.

Yours were so bad they were good - mine was just bad.

Apparently, you can now go to special comedy shows where all the jokes are meant to be awful, and these nights exist because there are 'bad joke' obsessives. That's frightening.
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