Friday, July 08, 2005



The other day, I wrote at a decent length praising the BBFC. Yet for all the good work done there, another regulatory body in Britain is frequently the negative opposite. That body is, of course, the Advertising Standards Authority, and it is frequently the source of some pretty ridiculous decisions.

The latest of these is the decision to insist upon the new Fanta Z advert being screened only after the watershed.

Apparently, it received the grand total of 272 complaints, including one from a headteacher who claimed it had caused copycat behaviour in his school (yeah, right).

What's the big offence? Well, it shows a few people spitting. In modern Britain, it seems, this is beyond the pale, and kids, who of course always copy exactly everything that's on the screen in front of them, are sure to turn into surly, badtempered degenerate cretins because of it. Surely that's obvious?

Anyway, to do your bit to make this decision a bit less nannying than it is, watch the advert.

Scientists were gobsmacked when they discovered a couple who pee through their mouths.

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