Friday, July 22, 2005



Had a bad few days. I'm British, and we're part of the EU, obviously. In a couple of weeks, I'm going to Denmark. Consequently, I have to be in possession of an 'E111' form so I can be treated should I fall ill. This has been standard proceedure for years, but recently the form has changed. Instead of a form you just filled in and then had signed, it is now read by a machine. This means that, when filling in the form, you have to meet certain requirements. All you need to do is write your address, but:

1) The first time I altered a number, because my '5's look like my '6's. This wasn't allowed.
2) The second time one of my numbers went slightly outside it's box. This wasn't allowed.
3) The third time I wrote it in blue ink. This wasn't allowed.
4) The fourth time my writing was 'too faint.' This wasn't allowed.
5) The fifth time I didn't allow enough room for my National Insurance number. This wasn't allowed.
6) Lastly, I finally completed it in a permissable fashion, and promptly lost it.

When I finally handed in an acceptable copy, both me and the lady at the Post Office were heartily sick of each other. I hate officialdom.

Seems like an awful lot of effort to get to Denmark. Let's hope those Copenhagen whores are worth it, eh?
I bloody well hope so. I'm told that Denmark is a great place to go for female nudity - a mate of mine claims that the secretaries sunbathe topless in their lunch hour.

I shall look into this, in the name of research.
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