Thursday, July 21, 2005


Ashes To Ashes

Cricket buff Norm reckons England are going to win the Ashes, which of course start tomorrow.

Me, I wish I was coming to the same conclusion. Unfortunately, I reckon that the Australian bowlers now have our top order pretty-well pegged. Watching Marcus Trescothick face Glenn McGrath is like watching a miscreant schoolboy shuffling before a disciplinarian headmaster.

By contrast, our own bowlers have been relying upon rather more luck in getting people out. Of course, Test matches are very, very different, and the one bright spot for us is having Hoggard up our sleeve. If we do do as the Professor predicts, it'll be in large part because of him.

No pressure then.

Meanwhile, read this preview, because it's much better than I can manage.

One thing I do know is, it'll be damn good television, no matter who wins.

I sat glued to the screen from 7:30 pm until 3:05 am. Rivetting cricket. Best I've seen in ages.

You know something, though, I reckon the England bowling was pretty shithouse. They were all over the shop, especially Hoggard. However, every now and then the produced a shorter that DIDN'T get someone out that would upset the Aussie batsmen, then not long after the Aussie batsmen got themselves out.

McGrath, on the other hand, was unplayable. Hardly bowled a bad ball and had the English batsmen fucked.

No idea how the game is going to end up, though. If the pitch keeps deteriorating then the key player will be Warne. And, obviously, that spells trouble for England.

IT's still pretty even poised, but with the Aussies marginally in front at the end of day 1.
Well, at the end of day two, I've gotta say it looks like Australia are well in control. If the Aussie tail-enders can put on another, say, fifty runs or so tomorrow morning, I just can't see England recovering.

Who do England have who can honestly step up to the plate and score a hundred against that bowling attack?
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