Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Signs Of The Times

churchsign, originally uploaded by steve55.

I have discored a marvellous site called 'Church Sign Generator', which allows you to create such wonders as this. I shall obviously be doing several of these in the future.

I clearly can't spell. That should say 'discovered', but my monkey hands can't seem to do it. You live and learn, as they say.

At any rate, you live.

Or I hope so.
You're more grown-up than me. The first thing I wrote was "Jesus Had A Tiny Cock".
I think you're giving me too much credit, HB. I only didn't write it first because I didn't think of it first!

You can have all sorts of fun with various deities and their allegedly miniscule appendages. I could happily spend an afternoon that way. also has many fun sign makers like your passage in the holy bible or change a panhandler's "spare change" sign...
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