Monday, June 13, 2005


Shock! The Crazy Frog Has Not Caused The World To End

I've noticed that in recent weeks, indeed since the Crazy Frog first appeared on our TV screens, on the Internet, and on people's phones, there has been an enormous resentment towards it, and the people who created it. Several commentators that I respect and enjoy reading have moaned about it.

For my part, I just don't understand the fuss. Yes, it is shit, but so are the vast majority of adverts. Someone I read, and I sadly can't remember where, claimed that when the Frog beat Coldplay to number one, it showed that music was dead in Britain. I haven't had a laugh that good in several months. In fact, what am I saying, I haven't had a laugh that good since the last series of 'I'm Alan Partridge' ended.

A few weeks ago, I was in desperate need to get from Oxenholme to Preston, and the trains weren't running. There was a coach instead, and the coach driver was one of those sad old men who still listen to Radio 1. The top 40 was on. I used to listen religiously to the top 40, and indeed I can still tell you where many obscure tracks made their debuts in the chart, and how many weeks they spent, and suchforth. I stopped listening a couple of years ago, though, because the music was so very crap. As you can imagine, therefore, I was interested to hear what I now thought.

I heard the top 20, and of those songs, one was good (but it was an Elvis re-release), two were average pop-dance sort of music that was tolerable without being any good, and the rest was pure shite. None of those seventeen shit songs were worse than the Crazy Frog, but here's the thing - they weren't much better, either. The truth is, the Crazy Frog might be a symptom of what is wrong with British music, but it certainly isn't the cause.

Trust me - if you grit your teeth, the adverts will go away eventually. I promise that. In the meantime, please get over it.

Besides, this is the worst advert on television.

Not the end of the world.

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