Monday, June 27, 2005


RIP Richard Whiteley

I'm not a man easily moved, but I was saddened by the tragic news that Richard Whiteley has passed away. For those of us without jobs, 'Countdown' was essential viewing, and nobody told a corny joke like Richard. It lasted for 23 years for the simple reason it worked, and was nice, pleasant viewing, hosted by a nice, pleasant man. He'll be sadly missed. Rest in peace.

A good man.

Sad news indeed. I do hope they play the Countdown music at his funeral. I imagine that would have tickled him.
I reckon so! Apparently, however, someone else has already done that, meaning it mightn't be completely original.

It would still be fitting, though.

What do you reckon is the least fitting thing to play at a funeral? My vote goes to anything by The Cure.
Other than something like Ding-dong, the witch is dead, you mean? My mother has made me swear to play Strauss' Radetsky March at her funeral. I just hope I die before she does.
It could be worse mate - mine wants 'The Sting' played at hers!
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