Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Official - Britain Is A Nation Of Killjoys

According to this story, the nannying impulse amongst my fellow Brits looms larger than ever. Apparently, the majority of motorists support an proposal which would make young drivers - such as myself - have to have a 'P' plate at all times. The survey, by the interfering 'Brake' charity, who may be assured that they'll not get a penny out of me for the rest of my life, is completely preposterous. Let's look at some of the responses:

1) 84% of those surveyed believed 'P' (provisional) plates should be compulsory for those who have just passed the test. Why? Why should my license be any more provisional than anyone elses? If I've just passed a compulsory test, which requires awareness and knowledge of road safety, why should I be any more 'provisional' than someone who hasn't been tested for decades? Also, before any old British codgers reading this say 'the test's not as hard as 'twas when I were young', you're right - it's harder. As road safety has become ever more of an issue, demands for harder and harder tests have been met. Consequently, young drivers are fully aware of road safety - if they get into crashes then, it's because the young person in question was an arsehole, not an ignoramus. And, lest we forget, there are arseholes of all ages on Britain's roads.

2) 'The compulsory introduction of Pass Plus, a Driving Standards Agency (DSA) scheme providing additional training to recently-qualified drivers, would be welcomed by 79% of those questioned.' Again, how does this make sense? If you agree, and I don't, but for the sake of argument I will, that young drivers are dangerous and irresponsible, why not simply make the current compulsory test harder?

3) 'Brake chief executive Mary Williams said restrictions, together with education for young drivers, were needed to show that driving licences were "a privilege, not a right".' Au contraire, my dear, once you have passed the test, a license is a right, not a privilege. It is a conditional right, certainly - conditional upon not breaking the law - but it is a right nonetheless.

4) The proposal includes other daft measures, such as a 'curfew.' Pathetic. If that ever gets implemented, I'll remember who is responsible for the fact that I can't get to the hospital to see a friend in a critical condition.

A quick message to all busybodies - leave us alone, now. I'm serious.

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