Tuesday, June 21, 2005


A Little Self-Deprecation

A couple of weeks ago, a female friend of mine came to stay for a few days. Over the course of the time she stayed, I had need of a new wallet, the fabric inside my current one having started to come apart. Off I trundled, inserting myself into the tracksuit-wearing mayhem that is Matalan, and hunted around for a wallet rack. Well, I found a rack, containing both wallets and ladies purses. I selected a rather stylish brown leather offering, and toddled off home. Within seconds of displaying my purchase to my friend she had pointed out that not only was it a ladies purse, but it was exactly the same purse that she had. It was, I freely admit, a moment of quite exquisite humiliation.

Then it struck it me - I'm turning into JD from 'Scrubs.' The days of 'hairmets' and 'shower shorts' are surely closer than I would like.

Which is why I was so thankful that I managed to get so angry at my stupid countrymen for voting Sam out of Big Brother last week. Here's why. Just what the fuck is wrong with British people today? Have they not got eyes in their heads?

In the words of Robb;

'I cannot believe you voted Sam out, are all my vistors now gay, well lots of Maxwell bum cleavage and cock fondling pictures now.'

I heartily agree. So what if she barely smiled? Obviously the ideal situation would have been to have Makosi, Sam and Saskia left for the last fortnight, and maybe they might have got bored, and then Sam could have . . . sorry, slipping into a daydream. Still, even if that couldn't happen, it remains a fact that my bobble-headed countrymen have voted three women out in three votes, making the programme into a complete cock-fest. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


Just a little more Sam.

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