Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I Will Happily Support The World's Second Most Annoying Man In An Argument Against The Most Annoying Man

Today was an important day, because it marked the ceremonial first ever day I've agreed with Bono. How come?

Well, as reported here, the world's biggest buffoon, Billy Bragg, has accused Bono of selling out because of the fact that:

'Bono is prepared to sit down and talk directly with George Bush in his territory. He has put his credibility on the line.'

I couldn't agree more with Mr Burgess, who sarcastically states:

'It's clear that those who think that such discussions [Bono's discussions with Bush and Blair] - which, like his visit to Africa with Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, have arguably contributed to recent concrete results on debt relief and aid - actually enhance Bono's credibility are simply misguided. Far better to adopt the blinkered view of the professional naysayer, thus preserving one's street cred among the like-minded.'

I cannot stand the attitude of people like Bragg. For all Bono's manifest flaws - and I do consider him greatly irritating, due to his utter sanctimoniousness and his apparent belief that no important decision should be taken without him throwing in his penny's worth - at least he tries to do something about the worlds problems. He may or may not have the right approach - don't ask me, I'm not an economist. The point is, however, he is at least demonstrably trying. The last time the world heard from Bragg, however, was his recent appearance on a documentary about football hooliganism (because obviously for an expert view on the matter nobody has more to say than an irrelevant washed-up popstar), in which he blamed football hooliganism on the Falklands War. This, in my humble opinion, defies parody.

I know nothing about Bragg's music, but if it as one-note as his politics, it must have been ghastly to listen to. I can quite understand blaming Thatcher for some things, but he insists upon blaming her for everything, ever (unless Bush or Reagan have to carry the can, but frankly they're second best). If you gave him enough rope, he'd blame her for the Viking invasions.

Bono, by contrast, at least tries constructive instead of destructive.

Billy Bragg appears to blame all the worlds ills on just a few people. If this is to become acceptable, I should like the record to state that I hold Jimmy Hill responsible for everything wrong with my life.

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