Monday, June 13, 2005


Found Innocent

So Michael Jackson has been cleared. He's not guilty of a thing, say the jury. Who am I to disagree? I still now hate the man with a burning, burning passion, and I genuinely hope he doesn't sell a thing from now to his death. Not going to happen, of course, but then a world run by me would be a better place. Except for Jackson, of course.

According to the article:

'Liam Cassidy of the UK-based Michael Jackson worldwide fan club said he was "ecstatic" at the verdict.

"This is a vindication for Michael but also a vindication for the fans who have stood by him," he said.'

Some of his fans are genuinely, worryingly sad. I was watching TV the other day, and there was a programme on that fount of all knowledge, Sky One, which showed some of his more obsessive fans, some of whom had shrines to the man, with candles lit there every day, and that sort of malarkey. I honestly think if he'd been found guilty, it might eventually have given these people some closure on their obsession.

It's bad, too, I believe, for his children, who (in my opinion) are gravely mistreated by Jackson. It's not just the hanging-over-the-balcony business, but also the fact that he makes them wear masks and suchforth in public. It must be no sort of a life at all, really.

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