Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Almighty Thor Was In His Heaven Tonight

The cricket got rained off today. I should say - I live just a few miles from Edgbaston, and it was pissing down here. The lightning was quite something. I'm sure my Australian readers are laughing at this - of course, they get much, much worse weather in their faraway land - but it was pretty impressive for the Midlands let me tell you. 'Twas still a shame, though, as the game was well in the balance.

It's a good set-up for Saturday's final, though.

I, meanwhile, am going to Edgbaston myself on Friday, having procured tickets for the Warwickshire/Worcestershire 20/20 game. It's my first 20/20 game, and I can't wait. It'll be excellent, I'm sure.

The split in God's trousers.

The worst thunder storm I was ever in was in a small town called Bad Breisig in Germany. I've never known anything like it. At one point, I was looking out the window, trying to see how close the storm was, guessing it was pretty close since the crashes were so loud. This was, in retrospect, a mistake, because as I leaned out the window, a bolt flashed about two feet in front of me. I could literally have reached and touched it. Buggering good job I didn't though, isn't it?

"A few miles from Edgbaston", eh? You poor soul. My parents live in Walmley. I try not to visit them too often.
Around here, Edgbaston's considered quite posh. Mind, I live in a nice part of Stourbridge, so I can't complain. It's not much compared to the posh parts of Manchester, or the whole south-east, but its not too bad.

The only bad thing about Edgbaston really is the very high student population. This would be fine, but it means the taxis cost more.
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