Thursday, May 26, 2005


Sour Grapes

Alright, alright, all-frigging right, congratulations Liverpool for your victory. Very well done. Okay, I've said it now.

I hope you never win it again.

Obviously, living as I do in a tenement in the north of England, this is pretty big news, so the floors are quaking with Scouse buffoons jumping up and down and shouting.

Isn't it a delicious irony, though, that they won't even be in the competition they've just won next season?

Artist Sally Minker forsees Steve's snack.

There have already been tools on the radio over here suggesting the rules should be changed to allow the winner automatic qualification for the following year. Balls to that, I say! Bandwagoning Liverpool fans should only be allowed out very rarely. Turds!
Since when are there Scousers in Manchester, let alone ones that openly express their Scouserhood? I went to school in south-central Manchester (Fallowfield, to be exact) and anyone looking vaguely Scouse wasn't tolerated in the slightest - they were usually stared at/stabbed at in a threatening manner.

Personally I'm looking forward to a Liverpool-Bolton UEFA Cup final next year...
Tony, that is exactly how I feel. I can't see any reason at all to change the rules just to allow a bunch of scallyish Liverpudlians in.

Of course, given it was Everton who got their place, there's already one group of scallyish Liverpudlians. That's one too many, in my book. Still, over the season, they deserved it more, pure and simple.

As you say, both the fans and the media are leaping on to the bandwagon rolling past, but fortunately I don't think UEFA will bend the rules.

Let's hope not, anyway!

Paul B, I live not far from Fallowfield, in Rusholme, but believe me, there are plenty of scousers here. I don't know how or why, but they've invaded. As you can well imagine, my valuables are locked away and I'm suitably armed.
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