Saturday, May 07, 2005


Planet Of The Apes

According to this article, the old issue of evolution has come up again in the USA. Religious conservatives are looking for a change to state guidelines on how evolution should be taught (barely, if at all.)

Sigh. Why is this happening again? Do people in Kansas like being backwards, or can they just not help it? I wouldn't worry at all about the obsession with fighting evolution that drives so many religious fanatics, of more than one religion, but if these people want to influence my life, directly or indirectly, then it becomes my business. For people like myself, it so obviously goes without saying that evolution is correct, that it hardly seems worthwhile reiterating the arguments one mo' time, particularly given the selective deafness of the creationist proponents. However, this is a foolish way to debate, and so a perfectly adequate rebuttal of the creationist arguments can be found here.

I'd be somewhat less concerned about this nonsense, but given that Kansas is the state where these foul, stinking pieces of shite reside, you have to wonder. Clearly, those sick wretches are at the far, far end of the scale, but those seeking to make creationism the only theory are suffering from symptoms of the same disease.

Perhaps Bill Bryson put it best. Commenting on the Tennessee state legislature passing a law banning schools from teaching evolution, he claims this "prov[ed] conclusively that the danger for Tennesseans isn't so much that they may be descended from apes as that they may be overtaken by them."*


A citizen of Kansas ponders creationism.

*Bill Bryson, 'A Walk In The Woods'

(via Semiskimmed)

UPDATE: Clearly, this story is fairly big news on the American left: Sadly, No! has fantastic coverage here, here, here, and here.

Hahhahhahahah this is hilarious... Why not stop having swiming lessons cause they're biased and teach people to walk on water or stop teaching first aid and just to be fair go for some go old rising from the dead instead.
...For P.E. they could carry crosses up hills.
...but also i think mass is too biased towards religeon. It could do with having some local news, gossip, film reviews thrown in now and again.
"For P.E. they could carry crosses up hills."

Mike, in the time I've known you, I think that's the funniest thing you've said.

Mass would be improved by a half time break, complete with sliced oranges on the sidelines. I still wouldn't go, but I would think more kindly of the church as a whole.

It's shocking how few people walk on water these days, isn't it?
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