Friday, May 13, 2005


A Peculiar Game

I've spent a decent part of the afternoon watching 'Aussie Rules' football on the telly. How very decadent. I have no idea about this sport. I watched the 'Grand Final' this year/last year/whenever the last one was, and I had absolutley no idea what was going on. I know Port Adelaide won, because they had more points, and punched the other team harder.

You've got to love a sport in which the final match summaries contain a 'serious injury' list - the top this week was five - and in which commentators can frequently be heard to drop phrases like "looks like Clarke's in a lot of trouble - he's clutching his bleedin' leg" into the middle of a sentence, and just carry on regardless.

One of the problems with the game is the kits. One team, a different species of Adelaide if I recall correctly, had a strip which entailed blue, red and yellow horizontal bands. It looked like the worlds worst acid trip. My main problem with the sport is this, however - such good-looking men shouldn't wear such tight shorts, because it really does make them look like porn stars having the weekend off. One fellow, who looked about seven foot nine, and about three hundred pounds, looked as if his photo could be put next to 'sex' in the encyclopaedia. It was frightening.

Still, it's better than baseball.

Better than baseball.

You must barrack for The Demons.
I have to say, that sounds acceptable. I had a look at their website, and let me tell you I was impressed. Better than any Premiership teams - I went on Liverpool's website a few days ago, looking for a picture of Djibril Cisse's new haircut, and I was sorely disappointed. Imagine a website lacking that information!

Their strip seems reasonable too. Mind you, after those multicoloured bands, brown on pink would have seemed reasonable.

And you did join me in supporting Albion, too.

So, yes, on balance, I shall support Melbourne. Good luck for the season, and congratulations for the win last week!
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