Friday, May 27, 2005


One In, One Out

Two pieces of interesting transfer news from the world of sport:

1) Jerry Rice has switched from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos (boo, hiss), after signing a one year contract. This will be the 42 year old wide receiver's fourth team, after the 49ers, the Raiders and the Seahawks. My question is this: at what age will Rice finally decide he has had enough? The man seems to be able to go on for ever. It's hard to see him getting too much action though, as aside from starting receivers Ashley Lelie and the magnificent veteran Rod Smith, they also have a very handy youngster in Darius Watts. Still, best wishes, even though he has joined one of the franchises I like least.

2) Over on this side of the canal, Roy Carroll has been released by Man Utd. This caught me completely by surprise. With only Tim Howard left as a first team goalkeeper, they look really weak, and I don't know if Fergie has the ability to spot a goalkeeper as good as Schmeichel anymore. Let's hope not, anyway. The other departure of note is Daniel Nardiello, who has been let go on a free too. This is a little sad because a friend of mine knows his sister. He'd actually been playing very well on loan in the last couple of seasons.

I can't think of a caption funnier than the picture. For those who don't know, Carroll saved a shot from a Tottenham player this season despite it being way over the line. Neither the ref nor the linesman saw it. Tottenham lost a point because of the wrong decision - Carroll, meanwhile, pretended nothing had happened.

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